Wednesday, November 24, 2010

J&J Holiday Party Invite

I've been interning at the Johnson & Johnson Global Strategic Design Office and have had the privilege of working with some amazingly talented designers on some high-profile beauty brands. It's pretty awesome. I'm learning a lot, making new friends, and having tons of fun doing it.

I was asked to design the internal invitation to the office holiday party. The only direction I got was "winter wonderland – very chic."

So with that, this is the design I ended up with. I got the idea for the bottles from a coworker, Henry. I had originally decided on using wine bottles and glasses—it's a cocktail party, after all—but the proprietary packaging gives it a much stronger concept and visual interest too.

Bottoms up!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

iPad Drawings

Here are some drawings I've done using the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro app on my iPad. It's pretty awesome—though it's still so unnatural to draw with my finger tip.

Now if only someone would come out with a pressure sensitive iPad stylus, I'm sure they would become rich beyond their wildest dreams.


Joshy Slim

Man on the A Train