Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to basics.

OK, so I'm back using blogger after my foray into the tumblr scene. Why, you ask? Well, there were a number of issues from the beginning, but I decided to quit after I discovered that I couldn't post an image any larger than 1024x720. How useless is that? Come on!

Now that I'm back, I hope you'll excuse my lack of content. I pretty much wiped out my old blog, since it got clobbered by spammers. You can see some of the content of my tumblr blog here.

Also, a note on the subject matter of this blog. I'm going to treat this like a journal. An artist's journal: full of my latest inspirations, thoughts, quips, failures, triumphs…oh, and maybe some artwork. This isn't my online portfolio, so please don't judge me when you see the crap that's coming. I'm just working out the kinks.

That said, here's a sketch from my new home, in the Big Apple. Enjoy. More to come. Stay tuned.

East Entrance to the Macy's Department Store, NYC

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